Welcome one and all to Diarmuid and Dave’s House of Madness. We’ll grant you it’s not an actual house but rather a ‘House of the Mind’. Or em…a website. Anywho, Diarmuid and Dave love all things weird, horrific, scientific and gory. For that reason, we have created this site, which will focus on lesser known Horror and Science Fiction Movies, in an undoubtedly vain attempt to broaden the minds of the masses. We’ll also look at the odd Black Comedy (We’re twisted puppies so this seemed appropriate) as well as the very occasional box-set/tv show should we find something of superior quality we think you should be watching.

Now listen to us and listen well for we know far more than you!


We will be recording a weekly podcast to coincide with the new website and advertise upcoming reviews. More detailed, written reviews of films/shows featured on each podcast will be uploaded the following week. Click here to check out the latest edition featuring reviews of The Purge, Insidious 2, Black Sheep, Robocop (2014), Elysium and more….

You can also listen to us as as part of ‘The Amazing Adventures of Peadar, Thiago and Barry’ Podcast 

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