Justified (2010-)

If you have watched Deadwood and were sorry to see it end, Justified could just be the show for you. Starring Timothy Olyphant as Marshal Raylan Givens, the show could be said to transport the spirit of Deadwood to the modern age. Olyphant plays Raylan as an old-school U.S. Marshal who is transferred from Florida to his home state of Kentucky after a shooting.

Raylan is all old-west from his cowboy boots to his faded jeans, to his neck ties to his huge cattle-man’s hat. More than that, there’s his ‘Gary Cooper walk’, his laconic manner and his apparent love of shooting people. He is ably supported by the rest of the cast, most notably by Walton Goggins, playing the role of a local criminal from Raylan’s past, Boyd Crowder. Boyd grows to become as essential to the heart of the show as Raylan, a credit both to the writers and to Goggins himself, who throws himself into the role with great gusto.

From the very first episodes, you can see that Justified is a cut above most of the other shows on TV. The acting, cinematography, writing and locations are all top notch. It looks and feels like a movie or mini-series and this sense only grows as the show progresses.

Justified has gotten better season by season and is scheduled to end after Season 6 (Season 5 is currently being aired).

┬áIf you are stuck for something to watch now that Breaking Bad is finished or if you’re bored with the bland offerings clogging up your TV and still lamenting the loss of Deadwood, give Justified a try.

It’s funny, it’s relaxing and most of all, it’s excellent TV.

Reviewer: Dave Coughlan

Courtesy of Concert Poster Guy (Flickr)

Courtesy of Concert Poster Guy (Flickr)

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