Stitches (2012)

From Director Conor McMahon and starring British stand-up Ross Noble, Stitches tell the tale of a malevolent clown.

To begin with, Stitches was just a bad clown. Then he died at a children’s party. Years later he comes back from the dead to wreak his terrible vengeance on those same children. Or something like that.

Stitches is a fairly low budget attempt and this is painfully obvious from the outset. The first half hour or so is quite slow and the characters’ accents seem to alternate between Irish and English without explanation. That’s the bad news. The better news is that the film really picks up once Stitches makes his return.

Ross Noble really throws himself into this role, clearly savouring the surreal dialogue and over the top violence. Some of the death scenes are quite creative, especially one involving an umbrella. There are a few good laughs to be had too. That said, this film may work better as a calling card for McMahon than as an actual movie in its own right. With a bigger budget and a tighter script, it could easily have become a cult classic.

As is, it’s perhaps a little rough around the edges and suffers for this.

Not a terrible film, much as the first half requires some patience. Not as good as it could have been though.

Maybe someday we’ll see a Stitches 2 and all will be forgiven. For now, it has its moments but is probably best kept for a time you’re very drunk or very bored.

Reviewer: Dave Coughlan

Courtesy of Paul Ewan (Flickr)

Courtesy of Paul Ewan (Flickr)

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