Her (2014)

Her is a product of Spike Jones’ imagination and tells the tale of Theodore, a man struggling and apparently failing to find companionship amongst his own species. This loneliness eventually leads to Theodore beginning a relationship with a self-aware computer operating system, designed to meet his every need.

Her is another film which will divide opinion. The critics loved it. My friends all hated it. I was a reluctant fan.

The cinematography and set design are dazzling. The acting is fantastic, from Scarlett Johansson, who manages to imbue a disembodied voice with real personality to Joaquin Phoenix, who turns in a wonderfully strange, emotionally vulnerable performance. The music is quirky and perhaps that is the best word to describe the movie in general.

Her is consistent with the recent trend of sci fi/romance cross overs and is perhaps the best of this bunch, much as that’s damnation through faint praise. It’s not fast moving yet it’s compelling nonetheless. The slow pace of the first hour had me worried I wouldn’t make it to the end awake, but, as it transpired, when the ending came, I was left wishing for more.

An unusual little dream of a film.

Reviewer: Dave Coughlan

Courtesy of Anne-Lee-Huffman (Flickr)

Courtesy of Anne-Lee-Huffman (Flickr)

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