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Greetings celestial travelers.

Courtesy of Prince of the Blue Moon (Flickr)

Courtesy of Prince of the Blue Moon (Flickr)

Welcome to Diarmuid and Dave’s House of Madness.

On this site, our curator, gatekeeper and voice in the darkness, Diarmuid Crowley, will be exploring the world of Horror and Science Fiction B Movies. His vaguely psychotic cohort, Dave, will be helping with that. Once he finds a way to dispose of these teeth. They’re always the hardest part to get rid of….

Courtesy of decaturshooter (Flickr)

Courtesy of decaturshooter (Flickr)

Diarmuid and Dave are two Journalism students from Griffith College Dublin with strange tastes and stranger minds.

Diarmuid is younger and wiser. Dave is older and odder.

Together, they bring a whole lot of strange to the table. Not to mention a whole lot of wisdom.

Join them on a journey into madness and depravity.

There’s cake!* (*There is not actually cake.)

Courtesy of Dave Sykes  (Flickr)

Courtesy of Dave Sykes (Flickr)

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