The Wire (2002-2008)

The Wire

It’s been compared to Charles Dickens’ novels that looked at the issues England had to deal with in his time. Also it has been marked as television’s critics favourite show to watch despite never being considered for the major awards. It’s the show that revealed the dark side of not just Baltimore, Maryland but the entire show. The show’s: The Wire.

Created by ex-Baltimore Sun journalist David Simon, The Wire looks at not only the disadvantaged areas of where drugs are sold but other areas too. Series 1 views the questionable actions of some of Baltimore’s policemen. Series 2 view the lives of the stevedores that are involved in illegal activity. Series 3 looks at the political game of the city. Series 4 focuses on the schools in disadvantaged areas and series 5 looks at the press office of the Baltimore Sun.

The amazing thing about The Wire is that it isn’t black and white with its characters like in other cop capers. Some of the police do questionable things while there some criminals in the projects that tend to have a heart. As well as that, The Wire’s endings don’t wrap up neatly. It leaves more questions for the next episode. Some get answered. Others are left until a few more episodes or sometimes seasons. However one of the Wire’s greatest strengths is also its weakness. In order to truly enjoy, you have to 100% in it. Otherwise, it is very easy to get confused. However with beautiful dialogue, great directing and a lot of effort put into research, The Wire is worth sticking your teeth into.

The Wire is definitely a show for either people who aren’t busy or have a recollected memory. In terms of realism in a scripted TV show, this is as close as it gets. In fact all journalists should watch series 5 of the Wire because that is the exact environment in real life that print workers have.

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