Scrubs (2001-2008)


By the final series of Scrubs the audience has noticed that only two of the main characters left on the show. They are dancing addicted surgeon Chris Turk and the forever sarcastic Dr Perry Cox. Originally, there was a variety of stars. From daydreaming JD to Turk’s uptight spouse Carla. From the insane Janitor to the ditzy Elliot and even Bob Kelso who has two thumbs and doesn’t give a crap, all only appear in a few episodes of this season only to leave Sacred Heart and to be succeeded by their interns or newbies as Dr Cox would call them.

The departure of all of these characters almost reminds me of the show Friends when all six left Monica’s apartment and close the door saying goodbye forever. Then I noticed some similarities as well as differences with both shows. The main similarity is that all of the main characters are different. Monica was kind of uptight just like Carla. Rachael was ditzy and a small bit crazy which match Elliot’s. Chandler was sarcastic like Dr Cox. Ross felt insecure just like JD. Joey and Phoebe remind me of 2 minor Scrubs characters. Joey is like Todd for his meathead attitude. While Phoebe matches Molly for her laid back characteristics.                Also the relationship of JD and Elliot is similar to Ross and Rachael as it’s an on off romance. The two shows rose to success and have changed popular culture. While Friends brought new fashion to audiences, Scrubs made nerdiness seem cool.

The difference is that Friends mainly focused on young adults as the major characters. Whereas Scrubs has older prime characters as well in the form of Cox, Kelso and the Janitor. Another factor is the relationships. All the friends were friends. While Cox hates everyone and Janitor dislikes JD in Scrubs. The relationships amongst other characters are another thing as Turk and Carla were the only couple going out since the early episodes. The friends’ relationships came full circle at the last season. Monica and Chandler were married beforehand but Phoebe married Mike, Joey went to L.A and Rachael and Ross finally got together.

Since season 8, Scrubs had de valued in quality.. The new characters lacked of the charisma of their predecessors. The hilarity of its daydreams and rants used be great but they ran out of stream from season 8 and resorted the most shameless rating booster in TV history putting everyone in a relationship. So unlike Friends, Scrubs leave us with a once sweet taste in our mouths turn sour.


By Diarmuid Jude Crowley

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