Predator (1987)

Review: Predator (1987)

In the 80s, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the action hero to watch for. Yet he seemed to have no real match worthy foe to compete. That was until 1987 where  he appeared in a John McTiernan film and had to face a gargantuan opponent that went invisible, fired lasers and terrorised an entire jungle and that opponent goes by the name is Predator

Schwarzenegger plays Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer who is hired by friend and CIA agent George Dillon Carl Weathers (Rocky, Happy Gilmore ) on a mission that involved attacking a rebel camp with some other soldiers. These included the hip flask drinking Mac played by Bill Duke(National Security, X Men The Last Stand) the joker Hawkins played by Shane Black(writer of Lethal Weapon and Iron Man 3) and the man who doesn’t have time to bleed Blain played former wrestler Jesse Ventura.

Once the task is done, they realise that there is something lurking in the darkness, one by one the soldiers start dropping like flies. The technology that is killing them is superior to the weapons Dutch’s men have. Can they kill Predator or will Predator shoot them all down and collect their skulls as trophies.

The thing about Predator is that you know what you are getting into once you watch. This isn’t a film where you learn something. It is however filled with unique action, cheesy yet memorable dialogue and balances intensity and science fiction quite well. The Predator itself is an intimidation being. The other of whether it not being seen or its ugly face when it is seen being scary is up for debate. Also the fact that this is Schwarzenegger’s first proper foe makes it that more special.

If you want to watch a scary sci fi that packs more action than plot, Predator is the film for you. Explosions, lasers, gunfire and an alien with invisibility armour. What more could you ask for? Arnie saying an one liner with a swear word? This film has you covered for that too.

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