John Dies at the End (2012)

Review: John Dies at the End (2012)

John Dies at the End is an interesting piece of horror comedy that makes you question about having soy sauce or meat. This film in which Paul Giamatti produces would be similar to the mindsets of the two reviewers of this website: bizarre and unpredictable. From the opening scene questioning horror murder scenarios, you are expecting to watch a weird journey and you end up getting that in spades.

John Dies at the End tells the story David Wong (Chase Williamson) who discovers a “soy sauce” with the mystical ability to show alternative dimensions to anyone who takes it. One of those victims is David’s friend John Cheese (Rob Mayes). Together both aim to find out more about the sauce, defeat its evil sources and avoid the strange threats perusing them. In between scenes, David tells journalist and paranormal expert Arnie Blondestone about his adventures with John (played by Giamatti).

As well as Giamatti, other known actors contributed to this film. Glynn Turman who played Mayor Royce in The Wire plays a detective investigating the soy sauce, Daniel Roebuck who was Artz from Lost is a cult leader and voice actor Clancy Brown play a horror expert that knows about the dangers that David and John have gotten into.

With horrific yet interesting scenes like monsters forming out of meat and dead zombies coming back to life, John Dies at the End delivers a different approach to horror and makes for an interesting journey for its two protagonists. This film may not have a message and may not be suitable for those who have a closed mind when it comes to obscure things. However if you like crazy and random material as well as a balance of horror and comedy, John Dies at the End might be right up your alley.  It basically is the kind of film where you want to watch forget about everything in society and I mean everything.


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