Back to the Future (1985)

Review: Back to the Future (1985)

As a child, I always wanted to time travel to see the differences in society.  There were different methods of time travel thought up by people throughout history but in 1985, Robert Zemeckis showed the world a special way to visit past events and it was in the form of a DeLorean car. The film’s name: Back to the Future.

The movie is about young teenager Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox being the first witness of the inaugural, functional time machine whose designer is Christopher Lloyd’s character Doctor Emmet Brown or Doc Brown as Marty calls him. The machine runs on plutonium a chemical which as stable as the crazy doctor. So when Marty ends up in the past to when his parents were teens, he’s stuck there as it’s a simpler time where radioactive material wasn’t even thought about in society. Abandoned in a different civilization, could things get worse for McFly? Turns out it could as an accident involving him alters destiny and his own life as his mother heals his wounds and develops a crush on him. However, there is hope as this was the time where Doc Brown was thinking about time travel. Maybe he could believe that Marty was from the future, help his parents to fall in love and return back to his time.

Back to the Future is one of those classics that stuck in people’s minds and even received two sequels.  It became so famous that select cinemas played it for its 25th anniversary. The movie has also been mentioned on various TV shows and received its own theme park ride. Robert Zemeckis’ only other highlight after this is Forrest Gump and Christopher Lloyd never surpassed in any other role as his depiction of Doc Brown was just fantastic. Michael J. Fox was already known before for Family Ties but his role as McFly lead him towards the Mighty Ducks series and several television appearances including Spin City and Scrubs.

Back to the Future is suitable for all ages and from children to elders, there is something for everyone here. So for families interested in Sci Fi and humorous line, watch this and with the internet being a sort of movie archive, where you’re going you don’t need roads as Back to the Future may already be in your house.

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