Avatar (2009)

Review: Avatar (2009)

In 1995, James Cameron wrote an 80 page script for a film called Project 880. Today, it goes by another name: Avatar. His early plan was to film this 3D blue creature movie in 1996 after Titanic. But the iceberg he had to suffer was the lack of technology to run it. In June 2005, he announced his idea to the world and scraped the filming of Battle Angel (a film parallel to Avatar which will also be in 3D) for this. Its release was for May 2005, but post production delayed the date to December 2009. The film’s budget was $300 million due to the advanced CGI. But with every film, actors are needed to express the story. Cameron wanted to choose relatively unknown actors to keep the budget stable. He recruited Sam Worthington to play the lead of Corporal Jake Scully. Co staring with him was Michelle Rodriguez from Lost as Trudy Chacon, Joel David Moore from Dodgeball as Norm Spellman and Zoe Saldana to play Jake’s love interest Neytiri. But Cameron hired an A- lister in the form of Sigourney Weaver of Alien fame to play the stern Dr Grace Austigine.

photo credit: Cea (flickr)

photo credit: Cea (flickr)

The plot of this 14 year awaited film is about a disabled Marine who is recruited to replace his deceased brother in the Avatar project. This project is to connect with a bunch of creatures called Na’vis on their planet and negotiate peace while the humans mine for a mineral called unobtanium which is worth a lot to humans.  Scully is on a double mission as Colonel Quaritch orders him to get attached with the natives so the humans can get unobtanium from the Na’vis sacred Hometree. However, Jake gets too attached and falls for Neytiri.

After viewing this film, I say it was worth the wait. I thought it was going to be rubbish. One of the reasons was the lead was in the dire Terminator 4.  Yet the 3D special effects changed my mind. They were awesome. Also Weaver has appeared in her best role since Ripley in Aliens. The downside of this film was that some bits dragged on too much. Other than that, this is worth going to see if you are a fan of Sci Fi and fantasy. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t go.

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