The Terminator (1984)

Review: The Terminator (1984)

In 1984, James Cameron told a story about how man and machine cannot co exist forever and thus leads to war. In 2029, machines in a losing effort sent an android that looked human back to kill the mother of mankind’s sole saviour before he was even born. This is when audiences caught a glimpse of the robot known simply as The Terminator.The killing machine was played a young bodybuilder from Austria named Arnold Schwarzenegger and his character’s primary target was a young waitress named Sarah Connor portrayed by Linda Hamilton. Sarah’s life was normal until she heard about murders which had one similarity: The victims names were all Sarah Connor.  When the Terminator caught up with her, she was saved by a soldier who her son sent back to protect her Michael Biehn’s character Kyle Reese. He told Sarah about the future and she believed every word he said while other people Reese encountered thought he was crazy. The two develop a friendship which evolved into more.

The main highlight of this film took place in a Police Station where The Terminator blasted the police protecting Sarah when they found and Reese in a crash. The men led by Lieutenant Traxler were no match for this machine and the Uzi 9mm which he made famous. Another great moment was when Reese first met Sarah saying the infamous line “Come with me if you want to live”.

Photo credit: Sara Kelly (flickr)

Photo credit: Sara Kelly (flickr)

This movie was such a success that people repeatedly quoted Arnie’s character saying “I’ll be back” and he did come back with two more films. It also made the Austrian recognisable to the world and pushed him towards other instant classics such as Predator, Commando and Kindergarten Cop.  It even aided him in being the senator of California under the nickname the Governator.  Cameron feared that Terminator wasn’t going to be a critical or commercial success but it was the top film in the Box Office for two weeks. He carried on working since then and has made more hits from Aliens to Avatar.

Terminator has been declared one of the best Science Fiction movies of all time and I think it is. It is also Hugh Jackman’s favourite film. For audiences allergic to Sci Fi talk and graphic violence, I’d steer clear of this but otherwise I advise people to watch this or prepare for TERMINATION.

Writer: Diarmuid Jude Crowley


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