Diarmuid Crowley

woods shot photo credit: horslips5 (flickr)

Do you dare the woods to know more about this man?Photo credit: horslips5 (flickr)

Born and raised in the eerie part of the countryside that is Templemartin, film fan Diarmuid Crowley always wondered what life was like in the big smoke of Dublin. So he departed after graduating from Griffith College Cork and moved up to Dublin.

Overcoming the odds, his degree in Journalism leveled up to an 8 but a year of hunting supernatural beings doesn’t pay the bills so he sold his weapons and body armor for a MA degree at Griffith College Dublin.

Don't let the smile fool you. There is a warped and brilliant mind present

Don’t let the smile fool you. There is a warped and brilliant mind present


In his masters course,  he befriended David Coughlan who has a mind as odd as his own. Yet Crowley saw intelligence within the madness of both him and Coughlan and the duo united to set up this website.

Now creating the House of Madness, he can write zany comments about his favourite f***ed up films from the horror, science fiction and dark comedy sectors with a hint of box-sets and earn his title as curator, gatekeeper and voice in the darkness. Join this young veteran in the media and his budding journalist companion David Coughlan to a journey that is weird and wonderful.


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