What’s to be said that hasn’t already been said?

In truth…probably quite a lot. But let’s not bother, if Dave doesn’t care, why should we?

Dave is in his early 30′s and has been fascinated with both the macabre and science fiction since he was a young child. If he was ever a young child. There’s differing stories on that front. All we know for sure is, he would appear too tall to be a child at this stage. He also has the organs of a 90 year old which makes his being under 18 seem unlikely….em…and we already said he’s in his early 30′s…

Rumour has it, Dave studied English and the Geography in UCD and has also worked in banking, special education, retail and more. Dave firmly believes that movies can make the World a better place. He’s just not sure it’s worth the effort. The next time you find yourself in utter darkness, listen for his tittering laugh. The man is clearly nuts.

But thankfully he knows his movies. (Also we keep him chained up).

Dave has an interest in stuff. He is more or less unwilling to share what that stuff might be.

Thankfully, you have Diarmuid for that.

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