Ice Soldiers (2013)

A scientist uncovers three frozen bodies in the Canadian North. It turns out, the bodies belong to three legendary Soviet Union era super-soldiers and it’s not long before these soldiers start to wake up.

Right, as you’ve probably guessed, Ice Soldiers is an 80’s throwback and proud. Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Michael Ironside and Adam Beech offer the production more pathos than it deserves and all the ingredients seemed to be in place for an enjoyably, schlocky action-thriller.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the lines, somebody ballsed things up.

Whilst there are entertaining moments, too often the film falls flat. The acting, dialogue and pacing are all over the place and, in spite of its awesomely cheesy premise, Ice Soldiers somehow manages to be boring in parts. The Soviet era super-soldiers are little more than poor man’s Ivan Dragos, the action isn’t up to much and the sets and equipment regularly fall short of the required standard.

It’s not that everything about Ice Soldiers is terrible, it has the odd decent moment. It’s more a feeling of an opportunity wasted. With a good sense of humour, this film didn’t need a huge budget. It had a couple of decent actors, some of it was certainly filmed in real snow and the storyline had the makings of a cult classic. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, it all became muddled and its potential was lost.

It’s not the worst film you’ll ever see…. Probably.

But it’s certainly best kept for a time when you’re very bored or very drunk.

Poor, even for what it is.

Review by Dave Coughlan

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